Snake skin

Ok, this is one thing THIS farm girl does not handle with any grace whatsoever. So glad I didn’t find this while it was occupied, or I would have come out of MY skin first!

It doesn’t take long…

Give him a shower at 4pm and by 7 am you can’t tell!

Cuteness Overload

Harper came for a visit to ride Patty. When she was finished, she stopped to have a little conversation with Chevy…..

Fields are dressed

A nice coat of topsoil on the fields before the rain…..

THIS Salon is open

Farrier came for some trims….

Marshmellow farming?

The farm across the street cut their first crop of hay, baled it into round bales and then wrapped them all in plastic. It looks like giant marshmellows.

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s cooked!

After a few years of cooking, two of the manure bays are ready for spreading on the fields! It’s such nice soil, it literally feels soft like baby powder.

Our Birthday girl!

Happy 24th birthday to my girl Centanni!

Is it really MAY?

Its May on the calendar, but cold enough to snow, so blankets ON!

Needle in a poop stack

Somewhere in this mess is a compost thermometer….:-/