Leg injury

Not sure how he hurt himself, but Patty’s leg is nice and big up past his knee. A little cold hosing, bute and Dexametazone, and he’ll be good as new soon! (isn’t that right, Patty?)

A new family next door

A family of fox are living under the shed just next door. It is so fun to see how mom and dad take care of the kits. They’re all so fluffy and bouncy!!

Its haircut time!

Chevy finally got a much needed haircut. He’s not the only one on this farm that needs a good haircut! Several of us will be getting makeshift haircuts!

Mav LOVES uncle Bob!

Mav absolutely LOVES going on Bob’s walks with him. But he poops out before Bob so here he is waiting for Bob to finish. He never takes his eye off of Bob. He just adores him and keeps a very … Continue reading

While we’re temporarily out of business….

Like any other “non essential” business during the Corona Virus, we’re finding a way to help others get through this. So with the parks closed we thought it would be nice to allow people to social distance and visit the … Continue reading

Nesting material

Any avid birders out there in need of some nesting material? Delilah would be happy to donate!


Captain playing with Griffin…

A fun Saturday morning

Its always a fun Saturday morning when the cops call to ask you to help round up some loose horses that decided to play in traffic! (they’re all fine, and the owner has been found.)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this boy right here!! 12 years old today….

Farm work

Is there ANYTHING this girl can’t do??? Thanks for all the hard work Jenny!!