Had some help feeding last night

Boy, does this bring back memories!

This reminds me of ME at this age….there was NOTHING better than hanging around with my best horse friend!

Farrier was here!

Before: After:

A dogs entertainment

Mav never gets in trouble…never needs to. But sometimes he just wants to have a little fun. He didn’t rip this pillow, he found it that way. He just decided to have a little fun with it!

The kids are sharing

The horses just can’t wait for fresh, cold water when refill in the hot summer afternoons. So they share the first bucket I pour…

Nothin’ better–or IS there?

Whats better than BAREFOOT riding???? BAREBACK riding, that’s what!!!!! Ella is gaining leg strength and balance….gotta stay on!!! GREAT job Ella!

My new friend

Had a cute visitor this morning….

A little love from a little girl

Ella is back for some lessons. She can’t help but love everyone up while she’s grooming Delilah. She doesn’t want to show favorites!

Griffin, WHY???

It seems Griffin is making new friends…..

Busy Day in the barn

Ella is showing her cousin Nate around and introducing him to everyone…….