Yardley Harvest Day-2019

We had a blast at Yardley Harvest Day on Saturday! Fun fact: walking horses around for 5 hours = about 10 miles! Dont pay to join a gym….sign up to work a big even like this instead!

1 gallon makes a huge difference

Captain drinks a LOT of water (he’s a BIG boy) so we got him a 2nd bucket. Decided 6 gallons would be that much better than 5. Ok, let me tell you how much heavier 1 gallon of water is!

Dont tell ME I dont know how to have fun!

Got a LOT of poo to move to the compost pile to cook!

We grow ’em big in Hunterdon County

That is one HUGE slug. Ew.

So pretty!

Before and After…..I’d say that’s an improvement! Mark THIS project done! (the picture angle makes the post look crooked, but I assure you its straight!)

Griff’s foot fettish

Everytime Griff sees me, he runs over, plops down and wraps his paws around my foot…..what do we think THAT means???

Still a playful kitten

The cats are now 1 year old but still as playful as ever. it’s not uncommon for them to be hiding and then pounce on Maverick while he’s walking around. Griffin went under the fire pit right side up, but … Continue reading

Awwww, this is so SWEET!

Centanni LOVES attention. She’s soaking up all the attention Jenny will give her. She’s so content having Jenny kissing her while she licks Jenny’s hand!!

It’s not just a birthday party, it’s a glam party!

Chevy was invited to Isla’s 4th birthday party. But after rides, the kids (and some mom’s too) LOVE to groom him and braid all that crazy hair! You’re a trooper Chevy! Love you!

Jack has a good sense of humor!

This is what you get when you tell a horse to smile for the camera. Tell us how you REALLY feel Jack!