Happy Anniversary Chevy!

It was 13 years ago this evening when this adorable little guy stepped off a huge van and we met for the first time. Happy Anniversary ya little adorable ball of fuzz!!! You’re a wonderful member of the family. Couldn’t … Continue reading

Some male hygiene maintenance

“Winterized” all the boys before it gets too cold…..

Guess we know how to party!

Thanksgiving EXHAUSTED everyone!!! Not sure why, but this one was hard to recover from…..

Annual Thanksgiving Tradition

It doesn’t SOUND fun, but Leann and I MAKE it fun…..the heated buckets are now out! Thanks again Leann!

Toula was a hit!

Took Toula to the family TG feast….everyone loved her!!

We’re very thankful….

Even Maverick has guests for Thanksgiving. He’s so grateful. Happy Thanksgiving from our family (6 horses, 4 dogs, 1 rabbit and 21 people later) to yours!!!

Saying hello

Delilah saying hello to John….

Toula is back!!

Toula (aka “speck”) is back!! Remember, she’s just 4 lbs. To give you an idea of how small that is, notice that she’s no taller than the bottom trim on the back door!!! She’s so cute!!

Fence fart

Turn up the volume before viewing… Before everyone is grossed out…no, John did not pass wind….it was the fence post stuck in the ground that made that sound when being pulled out and John just took advantage of the situation … Continue reading

Whats goin on?

Maverick thinks he’s missing something going on outside…..