I don’t know that I believe this!

I’m told that trotting is MUCH easier when you stick out your tongue!!

Now we have TWO!!

We love our 4-legged Chevy so much, we decided to get another one!!! This one with 4 wheels instead!! (Naturally, Chevy the pony approved!!)


I think the groundhog is eating all my veggie plants!!! Looks like Barb will have no cabbage this year! Hope it was good, ya GROUND HOG!!

More learning

Tuyet Mai learned how to do a turn on the forehand this weekend. Here she is giving Delilah a little break during her lesson.

Arms full of love!!

Jenny discovered that Chevy is small enough that she can completely wrap her arms all the way around Chevy!!! Awwwwww!!! We love you Chevy boy!!

1st pony ride ever!

This little girl came as a “set”– (twins). But she was the first one to take a pony ride!!! Good boy Chevy!!!

Delilah’s happy place…

The horses are getting turned out on the tall grass for a few hours every night. Delilah has a long way to go, but she’s getting there!!


Not sure why I keep thinking Centanni will actually keep her sheet on with no leg straps. Sorry, girlie! I was intending to keep you DRY.

We finally got there!

Our first day back at the market was GREAT!! So great to see all of the kids (some have new brothers and sisters!! and, YES one of them rode!!) And we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Another GREAT weekend!!

A special shout-out to my friends Barb, Jenny, Katie and Madison (my niece)!!! Thank you guys for being such a great representation for Keona Farm. I am so proud to work beside you guys! We ALWAYS get showered with compliments … Continue reading