Getting the knots out

Ella likes to brush Delilah’s tail. I keep comparing it to Rapunzel but Ella says no way. Delilah’s tail is still too short.

And even MORE pony rides!

….with LOTS of pony love for Chevy!!!

More pony rides!

Ya dont have to leave the farm to give “pony” rides! Here’s Katie’s nephew Daniel riding Patty! Good boy Patty!!

Another great event!

Happy 25th anniversary to New Life Church! Thank you for inviting us back this year for the pony rides….it wasn’t just for the younger kids!!

Check off my bucket list! (almost)

This is Joseph the camel…..A camel ride is on my bucket list. I got THIS close but good ole Joe isn’t quite broken yet so it’ll have to wait. Thanks “Noah’s Ark” for letting me play with this dude!

How exactly do I get out THERE!??!?!

I’m slowly letting the kittens explore their surroundings now. It didn’t take Griffin long to try to figure out how to get outside……

Kid magnet

Ella was SUPPOSED to be getting ready for her riding lesson……..but what kid doesn’t LOVE kittens!??!?!??!

Slow day at the market

Good thing Chevy has so much hair to play with while we’re waiting for the kids to show up at the market!

Lost peacock

This guy is sooooo friendly. He runs up to my truck every time I see him. He’s from a near-by farm and he doesn’t seem to want to go home! Pretty soon I’m going to name him and bring him … Continue reading

Hmmm, this isn’t good

Well I wanted this scrub tree gone, but not sure i wanted to do it like THIS. It just took out our new fence post. Thanks Mother Nature!