Pony Season 2019 has started!!!

Last night was opening day for the 2019 pony ride season! And Jenny couldn’t help but let Chevy know how much she missed him! Awwwww!! Welcome back Jenny!

Happiness is….

alllllllllllll this nice grass!!! THATs what happiness is if you’re a horse!

Chillin with Mav

Just enjoying some sun with my pup!!

Cool kitty

In contrast….THIS kitty (Burk) is a good boy!! (but he doesn’t really bother hunting cause Griffin does it all for the both of them!) But he doesn’t look like he’s starving….


How do you teach a barn cat that its ok to eat mice and rats but its not ok to hit the ‘bunny buffet’ and eat newborn bunnies??? Especially when he decides after the fact that he doesn’t like them … Continue reading

April showers….

….bring the pastures back in a BIG hurry!!

Laid up again….

Poor Maverick strained his leg and is hobbling around. Another trip to the vet and some anti-inflammatories for a few days. Thanks Dr. Mark!

GREAT weather!!

Finally warm enough to take off the horsie clothes!!!! They all love rolling around getting all dirty!!

Its beginning to look like Noah’s ark!

Some “fowl” play going on at our little farm….a pair of Canada Geese and a pair of wild turkeys decided to visit us this week!

The cutest boy….

Need I say more?