He’s comatose!

Mav getting a really good sleep!! Awwww…

Their first snow

They seem to like it!!!!

Here we go…..!!

About an hour into this storm and its coming down pretty fast and furious! I’m SO not ready.:-(

We may now have 4….why? Cause I’m a sucker, that’s why!

Well this one found US!! And brought a friend!! We’ll see if he/she sticks around. This one if braver than its friend. The other one is a BIG one….but not very brave.

Its that time again

Every year about this time we have to do some manly hygiene cleanup for all the boys. As you can imagine, they really aren’t that fond of it (and neither am I). Jack is telling me he wants to go … Continue reading

Happy 105th birthday Frances!!

The Farmer’s Market vendors all got together for a season close-out dinner. We thought it was a great time to celebrate Frances’ birthday. She’ll be 105 this month! Here she is with our next generation vendors!! Happy birthday Frances!!

They’re everywhere

I find these cats in the weirdest places sometimes…..

Burke likes to climb!!

Burke gets himself into a pickle….he climbs up on TOP of the stall and then can’t figure out how to get back down. I had to lower him down on the pitchfork! Last night I left him alone to figure … Continue reading

Its light out!!

Loving the mornings again now… well, not loving the crappy weather the past couple of days, but loving that I can see when I turn the horses out now!!

It’s getting competitive!

Burke did all the hard work and caught this mouse, but then Griff stole it!!! Considering this was the third catch in about 30 minutes I wasn’t too upset. These guys are getting so good!!!! (I’m not seeing any mice … Continue reading