All tuckered out

Maybe TOO much doggy tug of war???? There was a whole lot of sleepin goin on!!!

Thanks Leann

I had help in the barn this weekend!! By the time I brought all the horses in, they were all already fed!! Thanks Leann!

Our guests are back!!

Nothing like a GREAT game of doggy tug of war!!!! (Sam won, but only cause Maggie gave up before Sam….)

You can’t win….

You give the rabbit THE ENTIRE back porch to romp around in and where does he go???? Oh Louie…..

Grub time!!

Everyone’s tucked in for dinner….

Just some animal chatting

Two of my boys talking….

Back again!!!

Ella was back for another lesson. She did great after some time off! Good job Ella!!!

Sad day on the farm

Walked out of the barn to find THIS!! Its an apparent bird-icide! Some poor momma bird is seriously sad right now…

Pretty toe(s)!

The “before” and “after” pic of Centanni’s feet while the farrier was there. Thanks Gary!!

Mr. Green Jeans

The price ya pay for mowing the lawn……nothing like bringing the lawn inside!!! Oh love you Mav!!!