Showing off some fur

Guess Centanni thought it was warm enough to peel off some clothes! I’d better buy some more leg straps!

Oh my!

The downside to 70 degree weather after 4 inches of snow….

Breakfast On the Go!

Horses have limited time to eat their breakfast before I need to leave, so I take whatever they have left with us when we turn out. Patty’s the first one out so he’s usually the only one I have to … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Centanni and her valentine!!

Indoors for a day

The weather was too gross out on Sunday and the horses didn’t want to be out. So I let them wander around the barn while I was cleaning…..Delilah was scrounging around for any piece of hay she could find. Thanks … Continue reading

Another miserable weather day

The weather can’t decide what to do today (snow or freezing rain) but either way the horses plan to use the run-in today apparently. 

Mother Nature’s teasing me….

You’d think with this sunrise it would be a beautiful day. But no…..its cloudy and depressing out. Bring on May please!!!!

Delilah is so happy

Well Delilah makes ONE of us that was happy it was so crappy out this weekend!!!!

Its apparently my first day….

THIS isn’t Patty!!!! This is CLEARLY the wrong halter!! Ugh, someone needs to fire me! I seem to be having a bad week….. Good girl Delilah!!

Big kids make this mistake too!!

Ok, in my defense, I put my boots on in the dark this morning. I thought they felt weird!! I had them on the wrong feet! hahahahaha….