Whats goin on?

Maverick thinks he’s missing something going on outside…..

Nap time at FRF

Saturday was the perfect afternoon for a pony/donkey nap!

Its finally not me!!!!

This time I decided someone ELSE can stick their upper half under ground! Thanks Katie!!

Rita needs some conditioner!!

Apparently Rita is in need of a spa day for her tail……luckily I caught this before it had to be cut out!

Just cant get enough….

Delilah and Jack were invited to a birthday party this weekend and little Morgan just couldn’t get enough pony rides in while we were there. Back and for to Jack, Delilah, Jack, Delilah, Jack, Delilah…..all afternoon!

Awwww, too cute!

Look who I found while visiting brother Jack’s farm…..awwwww!!! He was recently rescued and went to his new home this week! Enjoy your new digs little guy!!

Better late than never

FINALLY!! I’ve been staring at these weeds growing from the gutters for months now! Finally took care of them this weekend!!!

Mav loves Jenny!

Jenny arriving to go to a pony party this past weekend, but there’s no way she’s getting past Mav first for some ‘puppy’ luvins!

Hay delivery!

50 more bales in the shed! woo-hoo! Thanks Jeff!!

The joke is on me!!

“MY” pumpkin is gone!!!!! No Halloween for me this year I guess…..

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