The cats have been VERY busy. But apparently not very hungry!

Adding to our family?

Either she’s VERY fat as a stray, or I’m about to become a grandmother!!! Anyone want a kitten??

Not our favorite time of year!

The boys dont like me much when this activity comes around each year! Trust me, neither of us like it very much!

Its a little early for this, but….

Blankets are on! (for the time being anyway)


Chevy is VERY HAPPY to clean up after the hay truck comes!!

Whole new meaning

I dont want rats in the barn, but I dont want them to suffer either. Poor thing.

All Fixed!

Last week’s storm blew a few sections of fence over. All fixed by Saturday!

Aw nuts….

We had really bad wind with the storm last night. We have at least 6 posts down.

Morning turnout

Its awfully dark out when the horses get turned out in the morning now!

Mav loves Fall

Mav enjoying the beautiful fall day on Saturday!