Being social

The bobsy twins came over for a visit while I was walking Maverick yesterday…..I think in their own way they were asking me when they can expect some grass….

Spring MUST be coming!!

Mother Nature says so! LOUD AND CLEAR….

2 buddies hangin out

The weather was finally warm enough to just hang out in the yard!!

Daylight Savings Day #1

Well THIS wasn’t worth waiting for!!!!

Daylight Savings

I’ll be missing THIS next week!!! But I’ll be loving the longer nights…..

Time for a trim!!

Its definitely time to trim Centanni’s tail. If we don’t, she’ll be sportin’ mud ice beads!!!

Beautiful snowscape

So pretty!!!

My peeps!

Thank you to all (Shawn, Jenny, Madison, Nancy, Jack, Bob, Linda, Andy, Barb, John, and Tracy) for all you do!!! Love you guys!!

I’m not sure which I dread more…

…the chronic mud or the massive amount of shedding that seems to be starting…..

What a difference a day makes

A clean version of Delilah just after Ella’s riding lesson:           and then the following morning: