Time for trims again

Everyone got their feet trimmed….good for another 30,000 miles so to speak

More Chevy love

The girls love to shower Chevy with kisses when they come for their riding lesson. I think Chevy eats it up!

Yardley Harvest Day: 2021

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at Yardley Harvest Day this year! They said they had a record number of attendees this year. Such a nice venue, with GREAT people. Most especially I’d like to thank my … Continue reading

Centanni LOVES this

Centanni LOVES to have her ears scratched!! If you want to pet Centanni, go for the ears!

What a treat for Centanni and me

One of my very best friends, Kim, came for a visit this week, and she stopped by the barn to visit Centanni. Kim was there the day Centanni was born 25 years ago and walked her into the barn on … Continue reading

He’s such a good boy!

Chevy got rewarded for all his hard work at New Life Christian Church’s annual picnic with some hugs and kisses. He sure has touched the hearts of a lot of little girls and boys! Love you Chevy!

Sweat equity

The sweltering heat didn’t stop these girls…they came for a visit to groom, Delilah and take Maverick for a walk. Then of course they had to see the new tractor…..

Fun at the 4H Fair

Ella’s definitely getting taller, but she’s not yet taller than the tires on this puppy!

I think he likes it!

James’ aunt and uncle decided to see if he liked playing with the horses. James didn’t skip a beat helping me get ready so Chevy could give him his very first pony ride! Great job James!

Holding on tight!

This little girl held onto Jenny SO TIGHT! At first we thought it was because she was scared. But we quickly learned she was being smart cause she kept coming back for another ride!