There are lost babies everywhere!!

Its been the week of lost baby animals! Three baby birds and a mouse later…..

We’re warmin up to it….

Some kids this young have NO FEAR. Others, need a few minutes to assess the situation! This little girl wasn’t so suuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeeee………

Puppy Camp 2017!

Guess who’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack?? Maggie is recovering for a case of Lymes Disease, but you’d never know it!

Dual Lawn Mowers!

Ok guys….do your thing!!! For those no-believers: these two managed to get the field behind them mowed down so I have every confidence they can do it again!

My little love bug

Doesn’t matter who walks in the door…..they’re family to Mav! (Even if they already are family!)

Phew! Got em all in!

A little late posting this, but here are Chevy and Delilah arriving home after the last of the 4 parties we did! I couldn’t ask for better ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!! They earned a much needed week off last week!

Party #3

Leaving bright and early AGAIN for party #3…               More fun with the preschoolers…           Home again…                 …and much deserved treats! Thank … Continue reading

Party #2….

We’re  headed out again this morning….5 class levels of kids all got to ride. They were all so cute! Day #3 starts early again tomorrow….

Super Girl!

Four pony parties this week. The first one was for all the super hero’s in training!!! Tomorrow is pony party #2 –BRIGHT AND EARLY!!!

Too much for Delilah

Delilah’s having a hard time getting ahead of all this grass! She’s gettin’ fat trying tho!!

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