Brotherly love

The cats don’t often nap together. So precious….

Project ‘Save the bunnies’!

How to distract a barn cat from raiding a bunny nest?….give him a nice soft chair to spend the day in.

Chevy fan club is growing again!

Today was another PERFECT pony riding day!!!

SO much love!

Chevy got to be part of a three way hug!

More pony rides

Chevy’s been a busy bee this week while it was PERFECT riding weather!

Hay is here!

That is service! Text for hay and it arrives 2 hours later! Thanks Jeff!!

Right of passage

Unfortunately replacing fence posts is part of the job. One of 5 down. Thanks Mika!!

First time pony ride no more!

This was Ava’s first time on a pony. Guess we can cross THAT off the bucket list. She said she had a GREAT time! Thanks for another happy customer Chevy!

Happy 30th Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Nap Day!

The horse are very much enjoying he warm sun! Perfect for napping….