Boys are taken care of for the winter

Not my (or theirs) favorite thing, but its done. Took advantage of the last warm day of the season.

Ella loves Delilah

Ella asked me to take a picture of her hugging Delilah….There is certainly no shortage of love for this pony!!

Burke’s nest

Burke built himself a little hay nest on top of the manure pile. Pretty smart way to keep warm!

Awww, hugs for Delilah

Ella hugging Delilah to say thanks after her riding lesson

Poor Captain

Captain is having tendon issues causing him to walk funny. Now he’s got an abscess on his heel. Poor guy was so sore until the farrier cut it open to drain. Thanks so much Glen! Gonna need lots of vet … Continue reading

Two retirees livin’ the life

Jack and Captain are buds!!

Hay rides after pony rides

After we ride the pony, we ride the hay bale!

The girls are progressing!!

The girls are getting there. Starting to ride on their own a bit more now.

Twice as much fun!

There is so much manure to move! The 2 tractors (appropriately named ‘Johnny’ and ‘Deerdra’) moved manure all day on Sunday. And no, we’re STILL not done! Thanks Jenny and Jarrett!

Time for trims again

Everyone got their feet trimmed….good for another 30,000 miles so to speak