More chainsawing

Yup, still cleaning up these trees!!! Ugh. Thanks John!

Enjoying the snow

Delilah making snow angels….

Sibling rivalry

Katie brought old blankets to the farm for the cats to keep warm in. They started out taking turns enjoying their new comforter and then a fight broke out! Now kids….play nice!

Happy 2020!!

THIS is how you recover from the holiday madness!


Patty literally couldn’t wait for someone to give him his treats!

Merry Christmas!

Maverick hopes everyone’s Xmas was as good as his!

Winter riding

It was cold for Ella’s lesson this weekend!

Movie Filming

The filming crew arrived on Friday. They were here for 6 hours filming. Cant wait to see the finished product!


SOMETHING decided it needed to ‘borrow’ the lid to the cat food tupperware. Just the lid. Not the food, JUST the lid. Hmmmm…..

They’re taking over the place

This root is HUGE!