Cuteness Overload

My adorable “puppy”….

A developing soap opera

When Rita came to town, Jack was thinking about cheating on Centanni. Centanni was jealous. Now Centanni is thinking about cheating on Jack with Patty. Now Jack is jealous. But Patty really belongs to Delilah….As the world turns on Keona … Continue reading


We had these beauties made for our new hitching rail…..THEY’RE PERFECT!!!!

Kisses for Deliliah

This little guy wasn’t quite brave enough to actually RIDE Delilah, but he WAS brave enough to dull out some kissed for her! awwww……

Nite nite Patty….

(Sorry for the blurry pic)…┬ásleepy time for Patty while he has his teeth floated last night. Drunk horsie!!! Thanks Dr. Elbert!

My goodness!

Louie is shedding like crazy!!!! Poor bunny….he’s lost enough hair to give to some poor bald guy! Locks of luv from rabbits….anyone interested? Mr. Tudball might get some use out of this!


Our last day at the market for the season. Here’s Jenny showing Delilah how she feels about her! Awwwwww!!!

Love ’em like our own!

There are several people who love┬áto visit with the big dogs while they’re staying with us. Leann was so excited to see them, she blew right by us to say hello to them first when she arrived! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Leann!!!

Making friends

Chevy making more new friends at the market…..

Wardrobe malfunction

Mom…. Where are my leg straps??? I think I’m gonna need those….

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