Going for a walk…

Maverick and Bob miss their walks together so we went to the park. Its our new walking spot.

Kitty Cart

Apparently we do hay rides now too!

Checking off the To-Do List!

Its high time the equipment on the farm actually did their job! Can’t wait for the mower and the snowblower to come back! Thanks Tractor Joe!!

So much to do and see!!

After her pony ride on Chevy, and after playing with Berk and Griffin, Isa wanted to visit Maverick and Louie. (After meeting him, she wanted to take Louie home so bad!!)

Ha! Finally a kid that agrees with me!

Ilena says Chevy’s tail is like Rapunzel………YES! Thank you Ilena!!!! That’s what I think too!


The farrier was here!!! The kittens were having a ball batting all this around before I cleaned it up!

Decent sunrise!

Despite the forecast today, we actually had a pretty nice sunrise this morning!!

Horses are busy!

The horses have a LOT of work to do now…..but they dont seem to mind.

Science experiment

Alright all you science majors out there….what makes the poops get fuzzy!?!?! (I’m guessing it has to do with all this rain!) Yuck.

Kitty yoga!!

Now accepting students for our new program called “Kitty Yoga”!! We dont have goats, but kittens are even better….they knead your back while they’re up there! Feels great!

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