Love this…

I never get tired of watching how much the kids love the horses!

24 days til spring!!

Hard to believe it was 68 degrees 3 days ago! C’mon spring!

We could all use a little love right now

Getting stronger

Ella is getting stronger (and braver) holding Delilah’s feet for picking.

Not a fan

My horses dont seem to like bananas

Just about tall enough

Charlotte is JUST ABOUT tall enough to get Delilah’s girth tight enough before she rides

The horses aren’t the only fun

The girls decided to roll down the hill repeatedly after Ella’s lesson. First one dizzy wins!

Happy adoption day Chevy!

17 years ago today I met this little man for the very first time. I dont think my love for him could get much bigger…He’s at the top of the list among the best choices I’ve ever made. Love you … Continue reading

Boys are taken care of for the winter

Not my (or theirs) favorite thing, but its done. Took advantage of the last warm day of the season.

Ella loves Delilah

Ella asked me to take a picture of her hugging Delilah….There is certainly no shortage of love for this pony!!