About Us

Keona Farm (pronounced KAY-O-NA) is a private 5 acre horse farm with spectacular views of bucolic hills located in the heart of amwell valley in beautiful Hunterdon County, NJ.

How we got here

In late 2003, having more than 30 years of experience working with horses, ranging from breeding, racing, showing to general horsemanship, it was time to buy a farm of our own. We brought 2 horses with us to start.

After settling in, we bought our first pony (Chevy) and began offering pony parties in 2005. From March through October, we traveled locally with Chevy and what a joy to share a pony with the kids!!

2006 was a busy year–first we decided to open our farm for boarding. Having been both a boarder and a farm owner, we wanted to offer a family atmosphere at a reasonable price. So, we began offering boarding that allows owners full access to their horse 7 days a week. At Keona Farm, owners can take a very active role in their horse’s care or leave it up to us!

By 2007 Chevy was being invited to larger, public events and servicing bigger crowds. Now, Keona Farm has several wonderful volunteers who help with those events.

In 2008, with the pony in tow, we joined the local farmer’s market. From May through September, we have an opportunity to mingle with many of our local neighbors and make plenty of new friends!

2010 proved to be a very busy year!! With a good group of boarders giving us a full house, we became very busy. We also decided it was time to do some good will for the community so we fostered a rescue horse for a local rescue group. Well, we realized a few short months later that the horse was too good to give up and we adopted him for ourselves! His name is Jack the Lad and he’s now one of our beloved pony ride horses (and much more)!! You can meet “Jack” on our Meet the Ponies page!

The 2012 season was VERY good to us! We were blessed to continue to have a full barn and plenty of pony parties to keep us busy (and on the road!!) AND we started our very own blog!!! Now subscribers can get a daily view into the farm activities. Please visit our ‘Life on the Farm’ menu and check back often for a peek at activities happening around the farm!

2013 kept us hopping! We made a few investments into the business (new round pen, new roof on the hay barn, new equipment around the farm, truck and trailer repairs etc.). We hired another part-time employee AND we adopted another pony! Meet Delilah on our “Meet the Ponies” page under the Party Party menu.

2014 season kicked off our lesson program! Delilah was busy giving riding lessons on the weekends when she wasn’t on the road with us. There are still slots open for riding lessons!! To sign your kids up to learn, please email us at info@keonafarm.com

Who can forget the year 2020! With Covid running rampid, most of our public pony engagements were cancelled. With just about everything closed, we opened the farm by appointment for families to have a place for their kids (and even dogs) to get some fresh air and run around and see the horses. Since we couldn’t take the ponies anywhere, we are offering on farm pony rides instead. To schedule a time, please feel free to call or email us. All rides are by appointment only to maintain proper Covid protocols.

For more information on our boarding facilities or our pony parties or riding lessons, we welcome you to contact us by phone at (609) 397-6598 or email us at info@keonafarm.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Member of: New Jersey Farm Bureau & The Sergeantsville Farmers’ Market

References available upon request