New Addition

It’s foaling season and since I don’t have any breeding mares, we’re taking a field trip back to Moon Beam Farm today!!! Meet Naomi the baby donk!! She was born last Thursday night. Congratulations to Rachael, Naomi’s legit mom (pictured … Continue reading

Critter Needs a new Apartment

So as suspected, with the tree felling the other day there were some casualties. I expected to find a few birds nests, but this little guy unfortunately lost his home. He wasn’t hurt, but he needs a new apartment. I feel … Continue reading


Sunday was Arbor Day in reverse on the farm!! We have a couple of trees that needed to be removed and it pays to know a man with a big chainsaw!!! It ALSO pays to have friends to help move … Continue reading

Pony Season Starts!

Saturday was “opening day” of our 2012 pony season!!! Chevy was hired to do a birthday party for the 2 year old son of a friend of mine. Chevy was a hit with the kids, and the grass in the … Continue reading

Giving back

Good morning!! With the arrival of spring comes fertilizing the fields. What that REALLY means is spreading the manure piles that have been “cooking” for the past year. Part of that process is composting. We throw a BUNCH of stuff … Continue reading


Ponies are a close second to goats. They’re ALWAYS looking for SOMEthing to eat!! Chevy cleans out the hay cart just about every morning on his way outside!!!

Chillin Mav

Yesterday was a really nice day here and I had the day off. So me and Mav did some hangin around!! We spent a little time out in the back yard just chillin!!!  

Like a Fox

Good morning Farmers! (ok, that’s hokey) I got lucky!!! Came home to find this little guy/gal busy in the field next door!! I caught him/her in the act of making his/her den. I think the kits (pups) aren’t far behind! … Continue reading

Brooke & Maverick

We had company over the weekend and the kids LOVE to play with Mav. (And vice versa!)