Just sittin around….

I always think seeing a horse sitting looks so funny….

Doggy bliss

Its been wickedly cold here in Jersey for over a week now. Mav LOVED curling up in the sun in his bed. Cant you just see the smile on his little face??

Crazy Louie

Boy, the animals are restless lately!! All the noise is obnoxious!! Louie, trust me when I say you’re grateful that I advocated for you to live inside! 

The kids are getting grumpy already!!

Due to Storm Grayson, the horses were on limited turnout. It didn’t take long for them to get grumpy over it! 

Almost full pantry!!

I just love it when we get more hay!!! Wish you could smell the shed!

Kicking off 2018

Nothing like a good roll in the snow to start off the new year! Here’s to peace, joy, health and happiness!!!

Spoiled rotten!!

Maverick’s biopsy results came back….he had a very non-aggressive cancer. Very little incidence of spreading and he had clean margins. That is excellent news so we’re celebrating the tail end (no pun intended) of his recovery with a little breakfast … Continue reading

Bye Rita

Rita left us over the weekend to try being a mama!! Good luck Rita!! Make some nice babies!!!

Santa brought me a very nice gift!!

Santa Tracy gave us a new wheelbarrow for Christmas!!! Thank you Tracy!!!  Trust me, this has already been well broken in!

Merry Christmas!! (A day late)

Merry Christmas from all of us at Keona Farm!!!