Science experiment

Alright all you science majors out there….what makes the poops get fuzzy!?!?! (I’m guessing it has to do with all this rain!) Yuck.

Kitty yoga!!

Now accepting students for our new program called “Kitty Yoga”!! We dont have goats, but kittens are even better….they knead your back while they’re up there! Feels great!

Puppy luvins

Maverick loves his ‘Uncle John”!!! (Thanks for getting down to Maverick’s level John!)

Reclaiming real estate

These are two of the three VERY big trees that fell almost 2 years ago now. John and I were finally able to start tackling this project this weekend. Can’t wait to claim this field back as pasture!!! 2 more … Continue reading

I LOVE my sister!!

My sister volunteered to come and weed/clean out the gardens (yes, i got the hint!). She’s doing a GREAT job!!! This one is coming along nicely!! THANK YOU Nancy!!

Wild kittens

Both kittens are trying so hard to get into the porch! Uh, no. Sorry boys.

Family Day!

Another great day for pony rides!! Thank you Hunterdon Care Center for including us in Family Day!! And thank you Bob, Nancy, Tracy, Barb, Delilah and Jack for another job well done!

Tiny paws!

The kittens love to chase the pitch fork from the next stall when I’m mucking the stalls…


WARNING: this is not for the squimish!: I found this when I went to feed the other night. Its LITERALLY a drowned rat! It made its way into a bottle of corn oil and that was it!


I think maybe I wasn’t clear enough and the training curriculum needs a little fine tuning…..