Of COURSE it is….

You can pretty much count on it being cloudy if I put Centanni’s sunglasses on her. I left them off all week and of course it was bright and sunny. I put them on today and now it’s cloudy!! Anyone … Continue reading

One HAPPY pony!

Delilah in her happy place…..

A nice relaxing breakfast

Chevy enjoying a beautiful, cool morning with his breakfast….

How to be in two places at once!

Thanks to a AWESOME crew (Katie, Linda, Kenny, Julie, Leann, and Jasmine) for helping Keona Farm to be in TWO states at the same time conducting pony rides for two different fund raisers. And also thanks to A Full Heart … Continue reading

I think its ready!!!

Time to cut!!!!!!!!!!!

Good bye sweet boy!!

Cartwright was laid to rest this morning. Although he hasn’t lived with us for about a year now, he will forever be in our hearts. Miss you Cartwright!!!! Linda, you’re in our thoughts….

Perfectly hidden

Aw, hello there little peanut!! What’s YOUR name? (you cant see it very well but there’s a tiny baby bunny hidden in those leaves just staring at me.)

Hello Rita!

Meet Rita. She’s sort of Ian’s baby sister (not really). She’s gonna take Ians place for a bit.Jack does NOT like this idea one bit!

Bye Ian….for now

Ian has a job to do….he needs to go to another farm for awhile and just be himself. He’s gonna babysit a youngster for a bit. Hopefully he’ll come back soon! Miss you already buddy!

uh oh, mower’s broken

Almost had to put the horses out in the back yard!!!! Thanks Febo’s for letting us borrow your spare mower!!!