Party #3

Leaving bright and early AGAIN for party #3…               More fun with the preschoolers…           Home again…                 …and much deserved treats! Thank … Continue reading

Party #2….

We’re ┬áheaded out again this morning….5 class levels of kids all got to ride. They were all so cute! Day #3 starts early again tomorrow….

Super Girl!

Four pony parties this week. The first one was for all the super hero’s in training!!! Tomorrow is pony party #2 –BRIGHT AND EARLY!!!

Too much for Delilah

Delilah’s having a hard time getting ahead of all this grass! She’s gettin’ fat trying tho!!

Mental note

Someone please remind me not to put the grooming box under the haynet in the trailer!!!! Oye.

I can hear it now….

Centanni: What do YOU have for dinner? Wanna trade?” Jack: “not on your life! I love my food!”


We didn’t put this JUST out of his reach on purpose! But this is how Mav told me he wanted that horse hoof trimming!


It poured the entire time we were at the market this weekend. Stops raining as soon as we get home.

Dog days of summer

Mav staying cool in the shade…..

New sneaker

The lawn mower is going in for a new sneaker (tire)!!! yay!!!