A beautiful sight

After the gloomy weather, this is such a nice way to start the day….

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

With the rain we had last night these guys are EVERYWHERE!! hard to walk without some casualties…..and I did notice we do grow some decent sized worms in Hunterdon County!

Coming soon to a field near you!

Here comes the hay!!!! A welcome site these days!!!

Centanni the busy-body

Centanni kept sticking her nose in my face while I was trying to groom Jack. Ok, girlie, you’re up next!

Maverick’s birthday

Maverick had a great birthday! He got to see a couple of his friends…..Bo (his new doggie friend) and Aunt Gretchen, Aunt Katie….

2017 Pony season is underway!

Jack was invited for a repeat performance at Kayla’s house. The weather was perfect….no ice, no rain and it was 68 degrees! Happy 9th Birthday Kayla!

Ian meets his new friends

Ian meeting his next door neighbor Chevy and then Jack and Centanni. Jack wasn’t so sure about having a new guy around HIS Centanni!!

Welcome Ian!

Meet Ian. He’s a wonderfully seasoned 34-year-old boy!! Welcome to the family Ian and Tracy (mom)!!

Speaking of naps…

Uncle Bob tired Mav out enough that he fell sound asleep in my lap. My little cuddle bug….

Finally a place to lay down

Finally more than enough room to lay down for a good nap in the sun…..