Our little birthday boy turns 10!!!

Here’s me trying to explain to Maverick that he’s 10 years old yesterday. Here’s Maverick trying to explain to me that his birthday stinks this year cause Toula showed up to the party! (this is Mav’s “when does she go … Continue reading

Delilah says….

…”Really? Are you kidding me mom?? I really don’t think I agree with this decision!!!”


Shots from Noreaster Toby….

Just in time!

We found new bones for Mav and the are THE BOMB!! A resupply came yesterday (just in time cause he ate the last one the night before). Here he is opening his new package. He’s SOOO excited that they came!

Sunbathing Maverick

Not QUITE the season yet, but Mav found the PERFECT spot: the trailer ramp was nice and warm soaking up the sun and the trailer broke the wind so it was the perfect spot to sun bathe!! (it really did … Continue reading

2018 Pony season has begun!!

Last week, blizzard…. this week, pony party!!! First party of 2018! The weather was perfect! The kids gave Jack his own Lei and a bouquet of daffodils. Awwww! (Wishful thinking???) Thanks kids! 


Uh, Chevy……what are you doing in THAT FIELD!?!??!?!?!

Confused plants

The day lillies are coming up already!!!

Jack’s new line of clothing

Jack’s blanket has 2 identical holes on either side on his shoulders. I’m guessing Jack would prefer to wear a sweater vest now. Guess who will be getting a new blanket before blanket season is over!?!?!

Back-to-back Noreasters

SOME of us (me) don’t find the snow nearly as fun as the horses do!!!!