Pretty toe(s)!

The “before” and “after” pic of Centanni’s feet while the farrier was there. Thanks Gary!!

Mr. Green Jeans

The price ya pay for mowing the lawn……nothing like bringing the lawn inside!!! Oh love you Mav!!!

Our newest member of the family

We now own THREE lawn mowers. Hopefully this one will actually CUT THE GRASS!!!!! Oye!

Load #2

Still cleaning….

Talk about HAPPY!!!!

The grass is coming in fast and furious these days. Good thing we have horses to take care of this!!!

Uh, ‘scuse me sir….where ya headed??

Found this stray turtle roaming around in the flowers by the back door…first one I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Phew! Just in time!!

Only had 6 bales left in the hay barn!!! Thanks Jeff!!

Great day Saturday!

We were out all day on Saturday to two different venues….. First: A Full Heart Kids Carnival. We got to meet Wil D Cat in person and got to give pony rides to kids all ages for 2.5 hrs. Second: … Continue reading

Delilah: How do I look?

Delilah in the middle of her haircut……”mom, is this good, or shall I go shorter?”

No more ice!

No need for the heated water buckets until November!