All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Cold enough for sheets the past couple of nights!!!! brrrrrrr…..

Bumper crop

Didn’t get a single veggie from the garden until now…..and now I can’t keep up! Tomato sauce anyone!?!?!?!?

A few more bales

Just a few til the farmer bales some more…

Making really good progress!!

Ella was back for her lessons again this weekend. She’s progressing very nicely. She trotted for the first time and loves it! Here she is practicing her two point. Next step: No hands….

Delilah’s friend

Delilah has a visitor every night when she goes out. This little girl loves to hang out with her.

He’s famous!!!

Patty’s picture is up!! let’s go shopping!!!

I think we’re ready

Ok, project completed. Ready for this winters stockpile of manure. It only took me three months to clear it! Ugh….glad THATS over! (and wouldn’t you know someone asks me for a truckload of manure the day AFTER I finish…. Was … Continue reading

Patty’s about to be famous

The company who made our tie rings asked us of they could use a picture of one of our horses tied to the hitching rail for their online advertisements. Patty’s the lucky winner. Look for him on “Blacksmith Creations” e-commerce … Continue reading

Chevy sportin a new look

Chevy’s lookin like he just woke up! Comb your hair buddy!

This is MY pumpkin

I’m teasing my next door neighbor that possession in 9/10th of the law…..don’t see how they’re going to harvest this pumpkin if its on MY side of a 10 foot high deer fence! its gonna look PERFECT on my front … Continue reading