Meet Our Ponies


Chevy is one of our worker-bees here. He gives pony rides at local events and birthday parties to the smaller kids. He’s a 23 year-old Shetland pony.



Jack The Lad

Jack found his new home here after we fostered him for a few months for a local rescue group. Jack is a retired Standardbred all the way from Great Britain and started a new career giving pony rides and riding lessons eight years ago at age 19! He provides pony rides at large events and lessons to teach┬áthe “big┬ákids” a few things!




Delilah is a 18 year-old, medium-sized pony who joined us in 2013 for pony rides and riding lessons. She is perfect for the kids who are too big for Chevy but not quite ready for Jack.





Please feel free to call us at (609) 397-6598 or email us at for availability and our 2019 rates.

The public is more than welcome to visit Chevy, Delilah or Jack at any of the public events we attend. Please see our Events Calendar to find us out and about!

Member of: New Jersey Farm Bureau & The Sergeantsville Farmers’ Market

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