Almost full

Shed is just about full. One more load oughta do it for the winter!


Both cats LOVE to sit in the morning sun!

More rides!

Another BEAUTIFUL day for pony rides yesterday!!!

Busy Saturday

Delilah was a busy girl on Saturday. Four lessons! But of course we saved time to give all of the horses some treats!

Pony Rides

Logan came all the way from Manhattan to ride Chevy. He wanted to start small, but he’s already predicting when he’ll be ready for Delilah!

First time riding lesson

First time riding lesson for both of these girls! They did GREAT!!!!

Aw! Pony kisses

Chevy is eating up all the kisses!!!

Chevy’s turn!

Kayla loved riding. Logan loved feeding Chevy grass each time he came around!

Feeding Assistant

Amazing how much fun my daily routine is for most other people. The kids have THE MOST fun feeding the horses! Thank you Harper!


A massage for each!