I LOVE my sister!!

My sister volunteered to come and weed/clean out the gardens (yes, i got the hint!). She’s doing a GREAT job!!! This one is coming along nicely!! THANK YOU Nancy!!

Wild kittens

Both kittens are trying so hard to get into the porch! Uh, no. Sorry boys.

Family Day!

Another great day for pony rides!! Thank you Hunterdon Care Center for including us in Family Day!! And thank you Bob, Nancy, Tracy, Barb, Delilah and Jack for another job well done!

Tiny paws!

The kittens love to chase the pitch fork from the next stall when I’m mucking the stalls…


WARNING: this is not for the squimish!: I found this when I went to feed the other night. Its LITERALLY a drowned rat! It made its way into a bottle of corn oil and that was it!


I think maybe I wasn’t clear enough and the training curriculum needs a little fine tuning…..

Its a family thing….

Two of my great nephews came to see us at Harvest Day. I got to take Max on Chevy and my sister Nancy got to take Sam for a ride on Jack. Thanks Lauren for bringing them over to see … Continue reading

A GREAT day at Yardley Harvest Festival!

We had a wonderful day at Yardley Harvest Fest on Saturday! A special thank you to everyone responsible for organizing the event and our sponsors Drew Ferrara at Remax Realty and Tom Kovalcik of Federal Lending of Yardley. Over the … Continue reading

Becoming buds

Mav and Griffin are becoming good friends. This is a huge adjustment for Mav….he’s used to chasing the feral cats cause they run when they see him. Not Grif….he comes to rub up against Mav. He doesn’t know how he … Continue reading

How much is on a 7 year old’s bucket list??

After seeing a wild rabbit in the field while we were turning the horses out, Ella said she’s always wanted to hold a bunny. Ohhhhhhh Louie…. Keeping Ella’s attention on the pony is getting harder and harder around here lately!!! … Continue reading