Shed cleanout

Its what you do when its been raining for EVER!!!! Ugh. But shed hasn’t been this clean since we moved in!

Garden Transformation

Garden before:             Garden During:           And now…

Ella’s not scared!!

Most people are petrified of the big dogs. Not Ella!!!!

Another lesson

Tuyet Mai heading to her lesson….

This isn’t too weird….

Centanni LOVES to lick the scrub brush. Guess that feels good on her tongue!

Up close & personal

My adorable little boy…..

Meet Winston…

Katie and Jay (Patti’s owners) are fostering a puppy…..we all got to meet Winston over the weekend. Maggie was DYING to play with him!!!

Another mani/pedi

Farrier came again last night…..everyone has been trimmed!

Bunny love

The big dogs are back for a 2 week visit so we had to move Louie back into the house to ensure he’s not “lunch”! John was VERY excited to hold Louie while we set up his cage. Thanks John!

Group Grooming

A family visiting from Hong Kong asked if they could come for a lesson for 4 of their kids while they’re in town. It was “all hands on deck” for the grooming part of the lesson!! THANK YOU CHEVY & … Continue reading