Nesting material

Any avid birders out there in need of some nesting material? Delilah would be happy to donate!


Captain playing with Griffin…

A fun Saturday morning

Its always a fun Saturday morning when the cops call to ask you to help round up some loose horses that decided to play in traffic! (they’re all fine, and the owner has been found.)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this boy right here!! 12 years old today….

Farm work

Is there ANYTHING this girl can’t do??? Thanks for all the hard work Jenny!!

Another visit

Bryn’s a true horse girl! She cant get enough of the horses!


6:30am…..we’re back to black….

Ahhhhh, MUD!!

No blankets today, and he BARELY made it out before he DROPPED for a good roll!

I can see!!

Let there be light!!! Loving the fact that I can SEE when I turn the horses out in the mornings now!


They each have their own pile of hay….but they prefer to share. Their love for each other is so adorable!