Burke likes to climb!!

Burke gets himself into a pickle….he climbs up on TOP of the stall and then can’t figure out how to get back down. I had to lower him down on the pitchfork! Last night I left him alone to figure … Continue reading

Its light out!!

Loving the mornings again now… well, not loving the crappy weather the past couple of days, but loving that I can see when I turn the horses out now!!

It’s getting competitive!

Burke did all the hard work and caught this mouse, but then Griff stole it!!! Considering this was the third catch in about 30 minutes I wasn’t too upset. These guys are getting so good!!!! (I’m not seeing any mice … Continue reading

New toy

Shawn gave Mav a new toy…..its one of those things that sings when you squeeze its hand….drives Mav NUTS!!!

Rescue mission

Shawn found a very skinny kitten in the bank parking lot last night and it was CLEAR it needed help. He named her ‘Lincoln’ (like a lucky penny–bank reference). Thankfully, his friend Sarah took her in and is loving her … Continue reading

A long way down

Hmmmm…..now that I’m up here, it seems like a long way down….

Louie’s new condo has arrived!!!

Louie is FINALLY getting a proper bunny housing unit!! Some assembly is required before he can move to his new house, but he’s gonna LOVE it!!! I know I do!! This thing is the ‘condo’ of bunny hutches! Thanks for … Continue reading

Feeding the family

It appears that the brothers have started to take turns bringing home dinner!!! Good boy Burk!!!!!

Griffin’s first prize!!

Griffin’s first mouse. I couldn’t be more proud! (sorry for the not so close-up shot, but he wouldn’t let me get too close. He was telling me loud and clear it was HIS mouse!) GOOD BOY GRIFFY!!!!

Going for a walk…

Maverick and Bob miss their walks together so we went to the park. Its our new walking spot.