Finally a place to lay down

Finally more than enough room to lay down for a good nap in the sun…..

Delilah’s Grooming Angel

Every now and again, Delilah gets a visit from Katie’s mom Celeste who loves to spoil Delilah (Celeste nicknamed her DD). A few buckets-full of hair later DD looked beautiful! Only to roll in the mud 5 minutes after I … Continue reading

Hulk Moment

Thanks to my 330 sit-ups a week, I was able to flip this tub full of water/ice without throwing my back out. Let me just say for as stupid as it was for me to do that, it was pretty … Continue reading

Look up!

Gotta watch your head these days when going in/out of the barn!!!

Tough terrain

THIS is what I’m trying to walk thru….isn’t easy being 20lbs heavier (winter clothes), carrying water buckets with a horse in tow! Bring on Spring please!!!

Just passin time….

Nothing like a best buddy to ride out the blizzard with!

Blizzard of 2017

After all the snow and sleet we netted only about 7 inches of extremely heavy, icy snow. For me its like a heart attack waiting to happen, but it didn’t keep Chevy from movin around!

There’s hair EVERYWHERE!!

This is just the beginning….but they’d better hold onto their hair for a bit longer….its only 14 degrees here at night!

My hairy girl!

The hair is starting to come off!! Centanni LOVES to have her face scratched. This time of year she REALLY loves to have her face scratched!

Horse exhaust

Let me tell ya just how “good” THIS smells!!! NOT. Doesn’t anybody want any?