Mav’s package

Whenever Mav’s bones come in, I let HIM open the package. He LOVES it when I shop for him!!!

Its called ‘improvising’!

I go thru boots pretty quickly on the farm. I had 2 pairs….each with a hole in just one of the boots–the left one in one set, and the right in the other. Its FAR too muddy for THAT. So … Continue reading

Something smells good

Both Mav and Griff wouldn’t pick up their heads. SOMEthing smelled really good I guess!

Welcome 2019!

Well, as you can see, so far not much has changed!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Now listen here missy….

Here’s Ella having a very serious conversation with Delilah about what a mess Delilah has been lately.

Maverick LOVES Christmas!

Every year Mav gets his own present to rip open. He LOVES to tear open the paper AND the box!!

Rudolph was here!!

Rudolph was here for the horses!!!!


From ALL of us at Keona Farm, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Family walk

Taking most of the small animals for their daily walk. All but Louie. Need to get him a walking harness!!

Beautiful start to the day

It was beautiful while it lasted! And now we’re headed into 2 days of flood watch!! Ugh.