Off-season activities

Here’s one of the many on-going projects we’re working on during our off-season. What a mess, but we’re getting there!! Thanks John!!!

THATs not supposed to happen!!!

Thank GOD nobody was hurt when this blew over in a wind storm!!!! Horses are scared, but they’re ok!!! I think we’ll give up on this idea….too dangerous!

Burk in a bush

I guess its time to learn to climb trees. Burk is starting small in a boxwood bush so there’s no need to call the fire department yet! Phew!

….And just like that….

…we’re back to mud! Delilah seems pretty proud of her accomplishments!!!

The real truth about winter horse care…

Anyone who works outside in this cold can attest to this. These are all the layers I wear ON TOP OF THE FIRST LAYER of clothes when I take care of the horses: 1 long sleeved shirt, 4 sweatshirts, winter … Continue reading

How to survive a polar vortex

Had to add a few layers to help the horses stay warm. It went down to 1 degree Wednesday night. But they were nice and warm all bundled up and in the barn out of the wind.

Clip and a snip

Time for another dreaded haircut!

He’s always with me

Burk loves to hover when I’m mucking. He’s never far…..he doesn’t like to be held, but he ALWAYS wants me to pet him! …Love my Burk-o-nater!!


Put this up hoping to keep Jack and Centanni dry. Guess which two horses like it the LEAST on the farm!?!??!??! Ugh. Thanks brother Jack for your help putting this together!!!

Staying warm

Chevy staying warm and dry in the snow…