Beautiful View this morning

Could see both ends clear as day! Such a nice thing to start your day with.

Breaking Deerdra in

Gotta break in the new tractor! Started spreading the composted manure on the fields. This is EXACTLY why we needed her so much!

Love this kid!

Ella comes to town for a week during the summer and we usually cram in as many lessons as we can while she’s here. This year, neither Delilah nor I were any shape for lessons. But Ella stopped by to … Continue reading

The Calvary was here

It seems that Delilah unfortunately not only has Lymes Disease but now on top of that some laminitis! The poor girl is sooooo sore. Thank you Dr. Kati and Dr. Cole for taking such good care of Delilah!

Having a trailer comes in handy!

I was asked to help move some tables and chairs for my niece’s wedding shower with the truck. Well, guess who did one better than that, and showed up with the trailer instead! They fit PERFECTLY!

Chevy steppin in

Even though the girls cant ride Delilah right now, they are still learning their horsemanship skills. Chevy loves all the attention!

Fun with the kids at Magic Cottage

Chevy’s back to school! Chevy stepped up and carried the load at Magic Cottage Nursery School while Delilah recovers from Lymes Disease. Can’t disappoint the kids–The show must go on! Thank you Chevy!

Delilah gettin’ some luvins

Ella giving Delilah kisses after her riding lesson.

Adopted tomato plants

We’ve been asked to rescue some sad-sack tomato plants. Hopefully we can get them to grow into healthy tomato-producing plants. They have quite a bit of catching up to do! Come on Hunterdon county soil–do your thing!


The girls are getting the hang of cleaning Delilah’s hooves!