Then we decided to hang some paper on the wall and every week the girls will draw a little something. Its a work in progress week to week…. Hey girls,….are we riding at all??

Outdoor dining

The girls just visited Hershey so they wanted to have a chocolate party in place of their lesson….all things chocolate (hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and of course Hershey kisses). Who am I to argue….?

Chevy’s Turn!

The girls cant WAIT to play with Chevy once they’re done with Delilah on lesson days!

Branching out

Lily bringing Chevy in for his dinner….

Like little pros

Katlyn and Owen didn’t skip a beat while riding Chevy! Great job you two!

1st day with our new farrier

After 42 years with Gary as our farrier, he decided it was time to retire. So now we welcome his son Glen into the mix. Thank you Glen!!

Practicing our balance

Ella doing her stretches to practice her balance. Good job Ella!!

Introducing “Mr. Turts”

Harper LOVES to play with a little ceramic turtle that sits under the hitching rail. She’s named him Mr. Turts (I crack up everytime I hear this). Here she is introducing Chevy to Mr. Turts.

It took some coaxing….

It took some feeding of treats and some grooming to get 2 out of the 3 to actually RIDE, but after an hour, they finally did it! And, psssst…..yes, they LOVED it! Good job girls!!

A little braver

The girls are a little nervous about being around Captain because he’s so big! They were brave enough to pet him out in the field once they could climb up onto the fence and get closer to his height.