First snow of 2020

First snow of 2020. Didn’t take long to start sticking!

The calm before the storm (literally)

A gorgeous sunset just before the first snow dumped on 2020.

Tea time!

Delilah LOVES her warm water! She’d rather drink that than the water in her stall.

Enormous Xmas card

This is BY FAR the largest Christmas card I’ve ever received! Thanks girls!! Merry Christmas to you too!

Helper Burke

Burke was a big help when putting out the electric buckets!

SO grateful & excited!!

Rich has graciously offered to install water and electricity to the back of the farm for us! We are SO grateful! This is an EXTREMELY GENEROUS gift that we can’t thank him enough for!!!! Thank you Rich!!

Another pony ride

Ruthie’s Aunt Kayleen gave her a pony ride on Chevy for her birthday! Happy belated birthday Ruthie!!

A visit from ‘Aunt’ Patty

“Aunt” Patty always brings the horses treats. Here she is making her rounds in the barn….

More pony love

Another riding lesson filled with tons of love for Delilah!

Halloween treat

The girls showed up to their lesson this weekend in costume for Halloween! These were the only trick or treaters we got and they brought us and the horses all the treats!!!! Happy Halloween!