Beautiful start to the day

It was beautiful while it lasted! And now we’re headed into 2 days of flood watch!! Ugh.

New doo for Jack

Jack decided he wanted a new hairstyle. Nice job Jack…you know how long that’s gonna take me to get those burs out??

Happy Adoption day little man!

14 years ago we met for the first time… favorite little pony!!

Morning tea

Delilah drinks a LOT more when her water has been warmed up for her! Spoiled pony! Would you like some lemon with that girlie!!??!

Safe & Sound

Burke likes to disappear around 5:00pm and I’m always nervous I lost him. But so far, he always comes home!!

Last load for 2018

All set for winter now…..the horses will be well fed!


Can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE help me!?!?!?! Mom INSISTS on giving me a bath AGAIN! Mom: (Aw Mav, you’re so cute! And now you smell so good!)

uh, mom??

Centanni had a little bit of gas colic last night so I couldn’t feed her. I fed everyone else and she wanted her food. She kept staring at me like I FORGOT to feed her. Try to rationalize with a … Continue reading

Some Mav luvins

Noah giving Mav some lovin’!

Everyone LOVES Delilah!

Leann visiting with Delilah!