6:30am…..we’re back to black….

Ahhhhh, MUD!!

No blankets today, and he BARELY made it out before he DROPPED for a good roll!

I can see!!

Let there be light!!! Loving the fact that I can SEE when I turn the horses out in the mornings now!


They each have their own pile of hay….but they prefer to share. Their love for each other is so adorable!

Don’t ask….

He does this a lot. I have no idea…..

Can’t wait for babies!

These chrysalis are all over the bushes. Looks like baby praying mantis are on the way! And lots of ’em!

Making more friends

The horses got some treats when Bryn came for a visit…

Good boy Captain!

This boy right here has learned from the others to walk into his stall from the field with NO HELP! Just open the gate and off he goes–brings himself in!

Dinner time!

Here’s the dinner line-up

He’s a jumper!

They can jump to your shoulder from the ground! Terrifying at first….wont be so cute once I can FEEL the claws!