Time for a trim!!

Its definitely time to trim Centanni’s tail. If we don’t, she’ll be sportin’ mud ice beads!!!

Beautiful snowscape

So pretty!!!

My peeps!

Thank you to all (Shawn, Jenny, Madison, Nancy, Jack, Bob, Linda, Andy, Barb, John, and Tracy) for all you do!!! Love you guys!!

I’m not sure which I dread more…

…the chronic mud or the massive amount of shedding that seems to be starting…..

What a difference a day makes

A clean version of Delilah just after Ella’s riding lesson:           and then the following morning:

Ella says: “Are you SERIOUS???”

Here’s Delilah apologizing to Ella for being so dirty before her lesson!

He can still do it!

Jack’s bad knee makes it hard for him to get up and down. He gets half way down and then basically falls with a thud. He rolls around and then has to make several attempts to get back on his … Continue reading

Another tubby

Mav warming up in the sun after his bath.

Its coat cleaning day!!!!

I guess the horses love the snow!!!

Off-season activities

Here’s one of the many on-going projects we’re working on during our off-season. What a mess, but we’re getting there!! Thanks John!!!