Its a little early for this, but….

Blankets are on! (for the time being anyway)


Chevy is VERY HAPPY to clean up after the hay truck comes!!

Whole new meaning

I dont want rats in the barn, but I dont want them to suffer either. Poor thing.

All Fixed!

Last week’s storm blew a few sections of fence over. All fixed by Saturday!

Aw nuts….

We had really bad wind with the storm last night. We have at least 6 posts down.

Morning turnout

Its awfully dark out when the horses get turned out in the morning now!

Mav loves Fall

Mav enjoying the beautiful fall day on Saturday!

Patty’s trip to Jamaica

The equine version of dreadlocks

Almost full

2nd delivery in preparation for winter….I think one more delivery will do it.

Its barely hanging on

Not much left of this post. Clearly it was time for a new one.