Relief from the heat

The kids can’t wait to bathe Delilah after their lesson. They all mentioned that they are gonna bring their bathing suits next time so I can shower THEM down after they’re done taking care of Delilah’s shower.

Happy 25th birthday Centanni!

Happy birthday to my girl! 25 years ago you were born out in the field when we WEREN’T looking (after staying up all night waiting for you), and then had to walk into the barn on our feet!! Nothing about … Continue reading

Guess who’s back?

The “original” Ella came back for a lesson yesterday and we did a quick refresher lesson. She’s getting old enough now to understand fashion. As she puts her arm through the reigns she says, “it like a purse….without the purse!”

Happy Birthday Rachael!

Rachael turned 7 on Monday and her parents surprised her with a pony ride as one of her presents. She had so much fun! Happy Birthday from Delilah Rachael!

Brotherly love

The cats don’t often nap together. So precious….

Project ‘Save the bunnies’!

How to distract a barn cat from raiding a bunny nest?….give him a nice soft chair to spend the day in.

Chevy fan club is growing again!

Today was another PERFECT pony riding day!!!

SO much love!

Chevy got to be part of a three way hug!

More pony rides

Chevy’s been a busy bee this week while it was PERFECT riding weather!

Hay is here!

That is service! Text for hay and it arrives 2 hours later! Thanks Jeff!!