A visit from ‘Aunt’ Patty

“Aunt” Patty always brings the horses treats. Here she is making her rounds in the barn….

More pony love

Another riding lesson filled with tons of love for Delilah!

Halloween treat

The girls showed up to their lesson this weekend in costume for Halloween! These were the only trick or treaters we got and they brought us and the horses all the treats!!!! Happy Halloween!

My day off

OK, can you say COLD!!!!!!!!!! This lasted about 15 minutes, but was SO nice while it lasted.

Hugs for Chevy

The girls wanted to play with Chevy after their lesson so they groomed him followed by lots of hugging! Chevy sure is loved around here!

My happy place

I have an abnormal amount of fun playing on this!

Farm-themed birthday party

Delilah was invited to a farm-themed birthday party. Not only did the kids ride, but they had fun braiding Delilah’s tail.

Uh oh….it happened

Delilah stepped on Ella’s foot while she was grooming. Normally Ella has a smile on her face, but not today…..until mommy came up with the perfect solution to stop the tears….

The kids hate me for this!

Practicing 2 point! Nice job Lily!

Almost full

Shed is just about full. One more load oughta do it for the winter!