And he’s out!

Captain is out on full turnout!! He’s so cute! (in a HUGE sorta way!)

Stocking up again

See the 4 bales to the left?? that’s all we had left before Jeff showed up!! Thanks Jeff!! Keep ’em comin’!

Welcome to Keona Farm ‘Captain’

Captain moved in on Sunday. Here he is meeting Chevy for the first time. Welcome to Keona Farm Captain and Linda!! Happy to have you….

I HATE this post!

It took us FOUR hours to put this post in!!! FOUR! Yes, FOUR! This post better still be there long after I’ve died! Its now a monument! Ugh!!

Bob and Delilah

Its been awhile since Bob has seen Delilah so he’s saying hello!

What a difference a year makes!!

Harper’s first visit being introduced to Patty last year….                 And now….She’s a natural!!

Isla taking care of Delilah

Delilah got invited to Millicent’s 8th birthday party (happy birthday Millicent). After all the kids were done riding, they took turns taking proper care of Delilah and brushing her. (pictured is Isla with Delilah)

Cozy cat

Griffin made a bed out of Jack’s blanket in a wheel barrow….

Delilah made the rounds!

Delilah was out all day on Saturday… First stop: Full Heart’s Kids Carnival! Delilah got to meet Trenton Thunder’s Boomer and even had a rider named Lilah (I call Delilah “Lilah”). Congratulations to the Full Heart Staff…..they exceeded this year’s … Continue reading

Mia & Mav

Mia saying goodbye to Maverick