SO much love!

Chevy got to be part of a three way hug!

More pony rides

Chevy’s been a busy bee this week while it was PERFECT riding weather!

Hay is here!

That is service! Text for hay and it arrives 2 hours later! Thanks Jeff!!

Right of passage

Unfortunately replacing fence posts is part of the job. One of 5 down. Thanks Mika!!

First time pony ride no more!

This was Ava’s first time on a pony. Guess we can cross THAT off the bucket list. She said she had a GREAT time! Thanks for another happy customer Chevy!

Happy 30th Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Nap Day!

The horse are very much enjoying he warm sun! Perfect for napping….

More fun with Delilah!

The weather this weekend was perfect for pony rides! Thank you Elizabeth and Nancy for taking such good care of the kids.

My buddy Burke

While I’m working in the barn, Burke will jump up to my shoulders, lay on my back and start purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring…… ya comfy bud?

Captain: ‘Sooooo, little girl….’

Ella is getting much more comfortable around Captain now. She insisted on ‘holding him’ while I gave him his haircut.