Jack has a good sense of humor!

This is what you get when you tell a horse to smile for the camera. Tell us how you REALLY feel Jack!

Young at heart

Pony rides aren’t just for the kids ya know! Thanks New Life Church for letting us be part of your annual picnic!


Have solved some of the world’s biggest problems right here in this spot!

Round 2!

The next round of fence post repair can start now!

Delilah! Stop begging!

Delilah seemed to think she wanted Jenny’s porkroll and cheese sandwich!

ANOTHER project….

This one is an ongoing project on the farm. Go Noah, go!

Next project…

This one is gonna take awhile….prepping for a new run-in shed!

A Work of art

I found THIS while mowing last night. Apparently you can buy these for $250 online! Who knew!?? Going to the highest bidder….

Had some help feeding last night

Boy, does this bring back memories!

This reminds me of ME at this age….there was NOTHING better than hanging around with my best horse friend!