Captain looks small

Somehow this GIANT horse looks very average sized next to Noah……

Temporarily napping

The vet tranquilized Patty so we could do his teeth. Sweet dreams Patty!!

Chevy tubby time

Chevy getting a bath before heading out to a pony party….

Here’s Violet at the market meeting Delilah….

A week full of pony parties!

Had a GREAT 2 days at Magic Cottage Nursery School this past week….

Brotherly love

These two love the heck out of each other!

oh YUCK!

she is SO good at this!!

Our birthday boy!!

Happy 28th to this old man right here….!!

Keona Farm to the rescue

This kitty keeps showing up with a friend. She’s really skinny. But not for long!!!

Keona Driving School–A+

Jenny has her driving permit so I have her practice with a trailer when we come back from a pony party. She did a PERFECT job of parking the trailer back on its stone pad!!! Nice job Jenny!!!