Mav loves Fall

Mav enjoying the beautiful fall day on Saturday!

Patty’s trip to Jamaica

The equine version of dreadlocks

Almost full

2nd delivery in preparation for winter….I think one more delivery will do it.

Its barely hanging on

Not much left of this post. Clearly it was time for a new one.

Wow! thats a lot of poo…

We either have too many horses, or we’re feeding them too much! But either way, its gonna be some really nice fertilizer when its done cooking!

Beautiful setting

We had some pretty cool evenings that resulted in a beautiful sunrise….

Yardley Harvest Day-2019

We had a blast at Yardley Harvest Day on Saturday! Fun fact: walking horses around for 5 hours = about 10 miles! Dont pay to join a gym….sign up to work a big even like this instead!

1 gallon makes a huge difference

Captain drinks a LOT of water (he’s a BIG boy) so we got him a 2nd bucket. Decided 6 gallons would be that much better than 5. Ok, let me tell you how much heavier 1 gallon of water is!

Dont tell ME I dont know how to have fun!

Got a LOT of poo to move to the compost pile to cook!

We grow ’em big in Hunterdon County

That is one HUGE slug. Ew.