A little love from a little girl

Ella is back for some lessons. She can’t help but love everyone up while she’s grooming Delilah. She doesn’t want to show favorites!

Griffin, WHY???

It seems Griffin is making new friends…..

Busy Day in the barn

Ella is showing her cousin Nate around and introducing him to everyone…….

The Years march on….

What a difference 4 years makes. First shot is of Grace (right) in 2015 with Delilah. The second is just this past weekend….

THIS is how it starts….

The start of the next Chevy generation: Here’s Abby meeting Chevy for the first time at the Farmer’s Market! Ok Abby, say ‘pony’!!

Happy Birthday Connor!

Today is Cowboy Connor’s 4th birthday!!! He came by the farm this past weekend to ride Delilah as part of his birthday present from Grandma and Mommy!! Have a good day buddy!!

Ahhhh, a little to the left…

Captain enjoying a good grooming…..gotta keep that big white horse white!

All the way from Germany!

This is our new friend from Germany!! She literally lives in Berlin and came all that way to ride Chevy!! She wins the prize for the furthest traveled!!

Oh. My. Gosh!

This may be silly to the average person, but this tractor made me SOOOOO happy!! Thanks to the Ball family for lending us this monster. We were able to replace 5 fence posts in an afternoon! (that would take us … Continue reading

Patty’s water fountain

Patty loves to get a drink while he’s getting his bath….