SOMETHING decided it needed to ‘borrow’ the lid to the cat food tupperware. Just the lid. Not the food, JUST the lid. Hmmmm…..

They’re taking over the place

This root is HUGE!

So much fence work

This is round 4 of fence repair this year. So far 21 fence posts replaced! Here’s hoping we’re good at least until spring!

Ahhh, so clean…

…For a red hot minute!

We seem to be having communication issues

Again. I have to assume this is more failed training on my part….

Kitty play time

Never gets old for either of us!

Cat walk

Is this why they call these types of places “cat walks”?? Where exactly does Burke think he’s headed??

Hollywood here we come!

Zack is going to college for film making. His assignment is to scout out a filming location such as a farm. So guess what?????? …KEONA FARM…..In theaters near you soon!!!!

We’re ready!

Heated buckets are out!


The cats have been VERY busy. But apparently not very hungry!