Many of you have never been very close to a horse that’s moving at a pretty fast clip, so I thought I’d try to capture what it looks/feels like when the horses go trotting or galloping past me when I … Continue reading


Tell me THIS isn’t Leo trying to tell me something!!! Think he was hungry?? Nuff said….


When I turned Delilah out last night, I noticed she had a broken post in her field. So I had to “fix” it. Nothing a little baling twine couldn’t fix until I can put in a new post! But look … Continue reading

Tractor Envy

Anyone that knows me knows that I want a farm tractor SOOOOO badly. One of the vendors at the Sergeantsville Farmer’s Market was willing to bring his over and help me move some manure this weekend. I was so excited, … Continue reading


This weekend was the first weekend we didn’t have pony rides at the Sergeantsville Farmer’s Market, so it’s back to work on the farm!!! Saturday’s project was to make a new door for the tackroom. Here are some pictures of … Continue reading

Here little piggy, here little piggy!!

Since we only have horses and dogs on our farm, I decided it was fun to show other farm animals today. These guys live on Rutger’s Farm and love it when people visit!!

Hey there…watcha doin??

It was time for the horses hooves to get trimmed again on Friday. Here’s Jack watching Gary (farrier) do his work.


Saturday was our last Farmer’s Market. Once the kids go back to school we lose our audience! But this little guy got his very first pony ride ever!! As soon as the diaper hit the saddle he was grinning from … Continue reading

Puppy Love

We had 4 dogs to watch over this holiday weekend, so Maverick enjoyed having so much company for a bit, but was really very ready to have his house back by last night. Here are some pix from his time … Continue reading


We haven’t seen much of Patty these days so I took his picture while I was taking him out to his pasture for the night. He’s normally very camera shy, but not when you put grass in front of his … Continue reading