My little Buddy

The barn swallows are all out hunting for food in full force. This guy just kept watching me work outside. I’m naming him Harvey. (not like I’d ever recognize him again!)

Old Friends

More NJ Alzheimer’s Classic Polo…Jack used to be my friend Linda’s horse and live with Scooter on their farm. Every year Scooter joins us for Alzheimer’s Polo so Jack gets to spend the afternoon with his old friend. Here are the two … Continue reading

Jack’s Sense of Humor

We were hired to do the pony rides at the NJ Alzheimer’s Association Polo Classic on Saturday. It’s their largest fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research and we’re proud to be part of that for them. So here’s Jack in all his … Continue reading


Just as I took Mav out for a bio break, a squirrel ran across the yard and up a tree. With all the fox etc, we rarely see a squirrel so it was a complete novelty to Mav. He just … Continue reading

Snip, snip

Jack has a big pony ride gig this weekend so he needed to be primped before he goes. Here’s the hippy before his haircut last night! Now he looks so dapper!!!


Poor Delilah. She has a problem with her feet where she can’t have very much grass, so she needs to wear this muzzle when she goes out. Poor thing at first was so frustrated! It’s like putting a chocolate cake … Continue reading

Dog Days

It isn’t often that I get to stay home with Mav during a week day, but today I’m working from home so I get to watch what he does with his day while I’m busy working. Here’s what his fun-filled … Continue reading

Morning Routine

Patty is the first one to go out in the morning and by the time he eats and I come out to the barn, he’s READY! Here he is patiently waiting……..


Now that Delilah has come to live with us, we needed all 6 stalls in the barn, so Centanni gave up her double wide condo and Jack moved in next door! So the two loves birds are right next to each … Continue reading

Pot of Gold

We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately in NJ. This weekend it rained while the sun was out so of course we had a beautiful rainbow. Two in fact! It makes a beautiful picture!