THAT was close!

I literally almost stepped on this little guy when I was walking into the barn last night. He’s got all his feathers but he can’t quite fly yet so I put him in the hay cart in the barn until … Continue reading


Sorry that this picture isn’t the prettiest, but it’s funny. When Leo sleeps during the day, he butts up to the front of his stall against his stall guard. Apparently it’s easy to just “go” when you have to when … Continue reading

uh….what’s this???

Mav loves it when he finds a bird feather cause he loves to sniff it. Well, this one got stuck on his nose. How cute?!

New Day

This picture doesn’t do this sunrise any justice. The sun this morning was so big and orange and it lit up all the clouds around it. It was really beautiful. I nice way to start your day!!!


Last night’s project! What kind of farm girl would I be if I didn’t bake fresh pies, right?? It’s peach season now and we’ve got a TON! This pie recipe is so good I eat it for breakfast. This pie … Continue reading

Sloppy kisses

I know I’m gonna take some SERIOUS ribbing for this picture, but this ranks up there with one of the best parts of my day….when I get home from work everyday, Maverick comes running and showers me with the sloppiest … Continue reading

Bye Mom!!

Leo’s mom leaves for college today in KY, and since she’s a LOTF’r here’s a picture of her baby so she doesn’t forget what he looks like!! We’ll take good care of your boy while you’re studying hard Alyssa!!! Good … Continue reading


The kids at the Farmer’s Market LOVE to feed Chevy treats. So much so, that they’ve started to bring them specifically for him. Chevy REALLY appreciates that!!! He was certainly spoiled last weekend!!

Puppy Love

Mav and I went out the other day for Mav’s bio break and we ran into Mason (next door). Mason was BEYOND excited to see Maverick and kept following him around. Here’s Mason giving Mavy his hug!!! awwww!!!

Mom, can we get a dog!??!?!

My nephew Noah had so much fun playing with the dogs while he was visiting this weekend. Here he is with Sam after playing “stick”!