Poor Delilah. She has a problem with her feet where she can’t have very much grass, so she needs to wear this muzzle when she goes out. Poor thing at first was so frustrated! It’s like putting a chocolate cake … Continue reading

Dog Days

It isn’t often that I get to stay home with Mav during a week day, but today I’m working from home so I get to watch what he does with his day while I’m busy working. Here’s what his fun-filled … Continue reading

Morning Routine

Patty is the first one to go out in the morning and by the time he eats and I come out to the barn, he’s READY! Here he is patiently waiting……..


Now that Delilah has come to live with us, we needed all 6 stalls in the barn, so Centanni gave up her double wide condo and Jack moved in next door! So the two loves birds are right next to each … Continue reading

Pot of Gold

We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately in NJ. This weekend it rained while the sun was out so of course we had a beautiful rainbow. Two in fact! It makes a beautiful picture!

Welcome to the family!

Meet Delilah!! She moved in this weekend! She’s a medium sized pony and belongs to Jennifer. She’s a sweetheart. She’s settling in nicely and seems to get along with everyone else. Welcome to the family Delilah and Jen!

Chevy fan club

  Chevy was invited to a 1 year old’s birthday party this weekend. The birthday boy didn’t do any riding, but his guests did!!! The kids couldn’t get enough of little Chevy. They would cut each other off in line … Continue reading

Grass, grass and more grass!!!

Now that it’s stopped raining, it’s time to cut the grass!!! The grass is so high right now I have to mow it a few times to get it all cut. But the horses are gonna love it cause its … Continue reading

Outdoor picnic

Now that it’s so warm out, the horses have moved into their summer schedule which means they’re in all day and out at night. Here’s Chevy enjoying his dinner outdoors!


When the fields get overgrazed the buttercups seem to take over. They LOOK pretty, but they’re poisonous to the horses. Luckily, they don’t usually eat them anyway.