Yardley Harvest Day: 2021

Here we go….1st horses loading….
Pony rides on Jack the jungle gym!
At the end of the day we let folks come in a pet the horses and ask any questions they have…

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at Yardley Harvest Day this year! They said they had a record number of attendees this year. Such a nice venue, with GREAT people.

Most especially I’d like to thank my crew: Barb, John, Tracy, Madison, Jason, Jenny, Jarrett, Linda, Andrew, Nancy, and Bob for such hard work for many hours in the heat.

As well, my love for my horses/ponies grows stronger each time I ask them to take such good care of the kids climbing all over them. I couldnt ask for better ponies.

We retired Jack after Harvest Day this year. That was his final public appearance. Now he gets to spend the rest of his days by his girlfriends side eating all the grass he wants. Love you Jack! Thank you for so many years of the best you have to give. It did not go unrecognized!

It was a spectacular day!

Love this kid!

Ella comes to town for a week during the summer and we usually cram in as many lessons as we can while she’s here. This year, neither Delilah nor I were any shape for lessons. But Ella stopped by to wish us both well. THANK YOU ELLA!!! The card is beautiful!!

Relief from the heat

The kids can’t wait to bathe Delilah after their lesson. They all mentioned that they are gonna bring their bathing suits next time so I can shower THEM down after they’re done taking care of Delilah’s shower.

Guess who’s back?

The “original” Ella came back for a lesson yesterday and we did a quick refresher lesson. She’s getting old enough now to understand fashion. As she puts her arm through the reigns she says, “it like a purse….without the purse!”