Mom, can we get a dog!??!?!

My nephew Noah had so much fun playing with the dogs while he was visiting this weekend. Here he is with Sam after playing “stick”!


We hosted a slumber party this weekend for our niece and nephews. Brooke (left) and Noah (middle) helped me with the horse chores including turning Delilah (right) out for the night.

Our new friend…

Remember our new friend John Robert?? He came to visit us again at the market this weekend and wanted so badly to be with Chevy. He was so excited to hold onto him.  He was all smiles, but once I … Continue reading

Puppy Camp

Mavericks’ best friends Alex (left) and Sam (right) came to stay with us for a little over a week. The three of them had a ball playing all week. Mav gets SOOOO excited whenever you say their names!!!  Here are … Continue reading

A Snail’s Pace

Meet Pete. He lives in MA. He’s got such a pretty condo I thought I show him today. We don’t have snails this pretty in NJ!!!

Teddy Bear

I went to the feed store last night and made a new friend. Meet “Teddy Bear”. He’s a puppy but he’s just about his full size/weight already!! He fits in the palm of my hand. Those ears just crack me up!! … Continue reading

BIG bee!!!

Lately there have been several of these guys hanging around the Farmer’s Market. Not sure what kind of bee this is exactly but I’m sure I don’t feel like getting stung by him. They love the syrup coming out of … Continue reading

Lover Boy

We made a new friend at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. This is John Robert. He’s the youngest son (4 years old) of one of our vendors and we’ve been hearing about him for years and never met him. Saturday … Continue reading

Sleeping BEAUty

I was asked to work a pony party with a friend this weekend, and I was in charge of walking Beau. He’s 34 (VERY OLD) so he kept stopping to take a little nap. Here he is resting his chin … Continue reading

THAT’s one big dog!!

There are always several dogs at the Farmer’s Market and we always get some that have never seen a horse or a pony. Even the biggest dogs turn into wimps when they get close to the pony. Here’s one cute … Continue reading