Only me….

After a trip to the manure pile last night I realized I lost my shovel. Well, upon closer inspection, that apparently wasn’t ALL I lost!! LOL!! Found it on my way back tho….

only me….


What IS that smell!??!??!

Leo is as curious and playful as they come. He INSISTS on sniffing the manure wagon everytime I take it out to empty it. Horses curl their upper lip up for 2 reasons; either it smells funny (as in this case), or they’re in some pain. For some reason he just can’t figure out that ‘ode to manure!

Tractor Envy

Anyone that knows me knows that I want a farm tractor SOOOOO badly. One of the vendors at the Sergeantsville Farmer’s Market was willing to bring his over and help me move some manure this weekend. I was so excited, I couldn’t stop giggling. (I know, I know…..) While he loaded my truck, his girls were busy in the barn visiting all the horses. Anyway, I spent the day on Sunday delivering free manure to family and friends. Thanks Bill!!!!