Tribute to Leo

I’m very sad to say that we lost a dear friend this weekend. Leo suffered a broken ankle on Saturday. After much consideration by an equine surgeon and many tears Leo was sadly put to rest. All of us at Keona Farm will miss Leo dearly, but mostly we’d like to console Alyssa who lost her best friend.

What IS that smell!??!??!

Leo is as curious and playful as they come. He INSISTS on sniffing the manure wagon everytime I take it out to empty it. Horses curl their upper lip up for 2 reasons; either it smells funny (as in this case), or they’re in some pain. For some reason he just can’t figure out that ‘ode to manure!


Poor Leo. He’s threw a shoe about 2 weeks ago and now he’s struggling with an abcess in his foot. Farrier finally made it out to see him and open it up to drain. The poor boy can’t walk very well cause he’s sore. Hopefully just a few more days of being wrapped up and he’ll feel better.

Bye Mom!!

Leo’s mom leaves for college today in KY, and since she’s a LOTF’r here’s a picture of her baby so she doesn’t forget what he looks like!! We’ll take good care of your boy while you’re studying hard Alyssa!!! Good luck at school!!!

Meet Leo!

A big Keona Farm welcome to Leo and Alyssa!!! Leo is our latest resident as of Saturday afternoon. He’s a nice, strapping big boy! Here are pix of him the first time he’s turned out seeing the farm. Although the tail was raised like a flag pole, he settled in quickly and made friends with everyone. He LOVES Chevy!