It’s going!!!

As the winter drags on, I’ve been checking on my tree in the back of the farm to see if it’s about to fall yet. As you can see….it’s getting closer and closer to falling over! (the picture on the right is the one I showed you just before Hurricane Sandy in November.)

Sticky Situation

In the tree debris is a log that has this weird sap plug or something on it. I’ve never seen this before and it’s kinda gross!! Imagine sticking your hand in THAT!??!?! Ewww!


Sunday was Arbor Day in reverse on the farm!! We have a couple of trees that needed to be removed and it pays to know a man with a big chainsaw!!! It ALSO pays to have friends to help move all the wood and brush once it’s cut! A few good friends turned into a sort of tree party with some pizza and a lot of fun! A special thanks to John, Barb and their boys, and Jim!! (and Gary who came over to cut up the pieces that were too big for me to pick up once my friends left!)