Dental Work

Patty, Delilah and Chevy all had to have their teeth “floated” while the vet was at the farm the other day. Requires some hardware and some nappy-time. Thanks Dr. Keenan!pattyteeth

Floating teeth

Vet was out yesterday to float (file) teeth. Looks a bit barbaric, but its  the only way to see all the way to the back teeth (horses have teeth all the way back to the back of their jaw).pattyteeth

Vet visit

(Apologies for the quality of today’s picture, but it’s awfully hard to get a picture while both subjects are moving and you are trying to hold a pony as still as possible.) The vet came yesterday as part of his annual visit to do horses’ shots and float (file) some teeth. Horses teeth keep growing and get so sharp that they can’t eat if they go unkept. So here’s Chevy getting his teeth filed to keep them from getting to long and sharp. Not his favorite thing as you can imagine. 🙁