BIG bee!!!

Lately there have been several of these guys hanging around the Farmer’s Market. Not sure what kind of bee this is exactly but I’m sure I don’t feel like getting stung by him. They love the syrup coming out of the tree so I hope that’s enough to keep them preoccupied!!

4 thoughts on “BIG bee!!!

  1. Looks like one that I found a nest of many years ago, they’re called Cicada Killer Wasp or Cicada Hawk.

  2. Yes!!!! We have them too! Robert watched one kill a cicada the other day! How do you get rid of them?

  3. I cut the whole nest out of a tree and dropped it in a pail of kerosene after spraying the bottom opening with wasp spray so they couldn’t get out. I did it around sunset when it was cooler and they weren’t active. Spraying the opening was the key, it was fast with no bites. After a couple days in kerosene I cut open the nest, there were hundreds of adults and even more babies inside, it was very interesting to see.

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